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Padma espacio integral. Yoga y Pilates
Hunters center of Mar del Plata
SUM Club femenino
Leon Gym
Grupo Topazio Internacional
Movimiento Evita
Juan H. Jara Club
Pilates Bienestar Puro
Crossfit point Brown
POP Pilates & Yoga
SOS Multiespacio Deportivo
Instituto Vecchio
APNEA pool 👉 we are 💚 HEALTH & FITNESS
Attitude Physical Activity Center
Gimnasio Flex Alberti
Organizacion Argentina de Aikido
Gimnasio marchal
Une Femme Pilates
Yoga Integral
Yoga Terapéutico
Bendito Pilates
Fernanda Sottile Pilates
Plaza Club Complejo Fitness y Deportivo
Plaza Club
Centro Internacional de Yoga Integral
Jarko Crossfit
Tantien Pilates
Body Star Electrofitness
Dhermalife Estetica & Estudio Pilates
Life Pilates Plaza Mitre
Alta Performance MDP
Figurella Mar del Plata
One and One
Metafit club
META (Complejo Deportivo y Recreativo)
Yoga Sat Nam
Round 22
World Clas
Crossfit Criminal
IAE Club
CEAF Center for Studies and Physical Activities
Academias TREZE Kickboxing En El CEAF
Clever Fit
Vitalite Gimnasio
Corporal Pilates
Centro Internacional de Yoga Integral Zulma Novas
D.amburi gimnasio
Integral Yoga Center Kali - Shakti
Young Flex
Gimnasio de Box Recreativo Club Lanus
Mar del Plata Moto Club
Lafayette Sports Center
Nasser Gym
Polideportivo MDQ
Eg pilates
Velódromo Municipal
Anita Zaninetti
New Body Gym
Pilates Mirana
Balance Gym
Masajes Mandaras Relax Urbano
Salta Y ROCA Apnea
Gimnasio Monacchi (luro)
Club Ingeniero Acosta de Tenis De Mesa
Taekwon-Do Tradicional ITTAF
Mi Centro Yoga
Atlas Kinesiología Rehabilitación
Mares Club Fitness Resort
Azerman Gym
Club Social y Deportivo Argentinos del Sud
Mariano Moreno 29
Gimnasio Manuel Verendi
Oxigeno Gym
Goup Gym
Smart Gym Center
Oro Gim
Oro Gym
Club Once Unidos
Nidia Romero Estilista
I.P.R. Sporting Club
Soul Fitness
Lady's Palace
Inercia Fitness
Golden Gym
Multiespacio De Deportes
Vedika Yoga Studio
Met Pilates Evolution
Gimnasio flex
Gimnasio flex - Guemes
Funcional Gym Mar del Plata
Barbell Club MXQ
Push Up! gym
Pachy Pilates Kinesiología
Club Atletico San Isidro
Taller de Arte y Yoga
Polideportivo Stella Maris
Inti yoga
Gol's Gym
El Taller Espacio Creativo
Gym Flex
Club A. Güemes
Mardelplatacorre Oficina
Natural Sport Pilates
Gimnasio Cerrito
Porto Gym

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Popular classes available near me - reach your fitness goals.

cardio classes

Cardio training is a form of exercise aimed at improving cardiac performance. It is recommended to all people, regardless of age or level of physical condition.

ab/core classes

ABS classes are training dedicated to people with different levels of training. This is a great way to get the abdominal muscle desired by the trainers.


The health benefits are visible after the first training. Yoga stretches the muscles, improves joint mobility, calms and calms the body, and these are just some of its advantages.


Pilates is almost for everyone. It is a universal training strengthening all the muscles of the body. It also improving posture, preventing back pain resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

kickboxing classes

Kickboxing is a combat sport that involves punching boxing fists and kicks. Kick-boxing is often associated with mindless beating and kicking on the face, but it's not true.


Boxing by the uninitiated is perceived as a simple and aggressive form of entertainment. Boxing is a noble sport discipline with a rich history dating back to ancient times.

spin classes

Spinning is riding a stationary bike to the rhythm of music. It is a performance training under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

martial arts

Training martial arts brings the same benefits. You will be able to defend on the street, improve your fitness. You understand that in some situations humility is paying off.

strength training

Circuit training is aimed at people who expect fast effects. This type of exercises is for people determined to achieve the goal. Your goal will be slim, athletic figure in a short time.

stretching / flexibility classes

Stretching (stretching) are breathing, relaxing and stretching exercises with relaxing music. Simple exercises from classic yoga and pilates are used in them.

boot camp

Boot camp fitness is a new type of physical activity, which consists of group exercises. If you like adrenaline and new challenges be sure to find out what they look like.

dance classes

Aerobic classes, simple dance systems, shaping all important muscle groups. Then we go to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Zumba is a dance aerobic workout, combining aerobics with Latin latina dances. Zumba steps and systems are not very complicated and easy to remember.

water fitness

Aqua aerobics is a sport for everyone, regardless of age and condition. Exercises in the water are performed almost effortlessly. They improve the form and sculpt the figure.

sports performance

Personal training for sports performance.


Classes helping to improve baseball skills.


Classes helping to improve volleyball skills.


Classes helping to improve football skills.


Crossfit is a training plan that is an alternative to monotonous exercises at the gym. The exercises performed involve the whole body. We recommend this training if your goal is weight loss.


Karate is 'empty hands' in English translation. The name perfectly reflects the rules prevailing in this martial art - the point is to defeat the opponent.

tai chi

Tai chi is an Old Chinese, reminiscent of slow dance. It combines martial arts and health gymnastics. It can be a way to relax and calm the mind, a kind of meditation.

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